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HSE Remote Medics

Our Offshore & Remote Medics work on a variety of different projects within varied industries and they are based on-site to look after the health, safety, environmental and medical welfare of the workforce.  They often have additional duties related to administration or health and safety at work and form part of the Emergency Response Team.


We ensure that we have a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs in relation to our HSE Medics and tailor the medic profile, selection, working pattern, working practices and training plan to meet these needs.  We regularly assess our medics’ competence, which includes an annual full assessment and we ensure that their programme of professional development targets any concerns identified during this review, especially in the areas of, for example, advanced life support, pre-hospital care, thrombolysis, occupational health, hygiene, health and safety and emergency training.


The majority of our medical staff have  completed their HSE Offshore Medic course as a minimum requirement and have relevant Health, Safety and Environmental Qualifications as well.


We ensure that the professional development targets of our HSE Medics training are identified and met.  This ensures that our HSE Medics are able to provide a higher level of clinical intervention for primary care and emergency care in the difficult and testing environments.

HSE Medic Qualifications
  1. HSE Offshore medic qualified

  2. EMT, Paramedic, Nurse or equivalent with a minimum of three years experience

  3. Remote or offshore HSE medical experience

  4. BLS, ACLS and PHTLS (or ITLS) certifications

  5. Health and Safety Qualification such as IOSH or NEBOSH.


As a minimum, our HSE medics have the following qualifications:


Remote Medical Services

MERT International takes a holistic approach to the provision of critical and non critical medical services for our clients in remote locations.


Our team have experience in locations such as La Rinconada, high up in the Andes where there is no running water, electricity or sanitation.  The team also has exposure to the extremes between the jungle of Belize to the polar oposite in the Artic.  Certain members of the team have austere and hostile environment experience having served in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East.  The above mentioned personnel are experts in their field and our remote healthcare team of specialist medics are professionally qualified doctors, paramedics, nurses and emergency medicine consultants who deliver medical support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our remote healthcare team of specialists deliver a variety of remote healthcare services including:

  • Paramedics, nurses and EMTs consult 24/7 365 with remote medical support/topside cover

  • Emergency response and mobilisation (ERT drills)

  • Repatriation

  • Medical Supplies and Equipment

  • Medical Advisory

  • Occupational Health

  • Health and Wellbeing programs

  • Health Surveillance

  • Occupational Hygiene

  • Drug and Alcohol Screening

  • Sickbay Audits

  • Training



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