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Health and Safety Services & Consultancy

MERT International is the resource for all your workplace health and safety solutions.  We are able to offer Health and Safety Consultancy, Audits, Inspections, Accident Investigation and accredited Safety Training in many areas.


By making simple and common sense precautions at work, you can prevent accidents from happening in your workplace.

Both employer and employee have responsibilities for workplace health and safety.


There are many occupational injuries in the workplace environment and all workplace employees need to receive a variety of health and safety training so they can understand their legal duties. This is a legal requirement.  MERT International can provide your company with workplace health and safety training, making sure that you and your employees are up to date and have a full working knowledge of the workplace health and safety regulations.


There are so many pieces of workplace health and safety regulations which can seem overwhelming at times and can therefore be difficult to know where to focus time and resources.  We provide an economic source of professional health and safety advice and guidance for organisations and have a standard service agreement which will suit most businesses. 


Our rates are dependant on the size of your business so this can be a small monthly fee which enables the smallest of businesses to be confident that their health and safety obligations are being met.  ​We continually build on our Health and Safety knowledge and experience and our consultants are Chartered Health and Safety Practitioners who are highly qualified to deliver the best solutions for your organisation.   


We can help with your workplace health and safety regulations so please get in touch so that we can tailor our services to suit your organisational needs and requirements.

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