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Telemedicine involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities. Telemedicine, requires access to telecommunications or a wider range of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Telemedicine has also made it easier for health care workers in remote field settings to obtain guidance from professionals elsewhere in diagnosis, care and referral of patients.

MERT International provides a telemedicine services which operates on two fronts:

  1. Top Cover Service

  2. ECG Interpretation Service

We have introduced this service to our projects with the aim of providing a more encompassing remote health service whereby early diagnosis can facilitate in a more rapid response and also to reduce the need for transportation of patients off site unless necessary to do so.

Top Cover

Top Cover is provided by our International Clinical Lead and MRO (Medical Review Officer).  Top cover is provided for every patient treated, whereby the medic contacts top cover as extra support and reassurance and to assess whether the further Telemedicine Service is required.  This has a number of benefits including: the expertise of a higher-level medic for all treatments; evidential cover for all concerned; additional experience and knowledge in the event of a serious incident.  Top cover also acts as a calming mechanism and to influence a measured state for the medic when motions can be running high.  Our research also shows and indicates that this process forestalls and reduces the incidence rates with reference to operatives making false claims on projects.

ECG Interpretation Service

MERT International has access to immediate, expert clinical interpretation of ECGs – via the telephone / mobile phone / e-mail / or internet which enables ECGs to be interpreted immediately, at our remote locations, thereby reducing the need for further referrals.  We work in collaboration with a specialist organisation who provides ECG interpretation and this intrepretation is performed by UK practising cardiac clinicians and cardiology registrars who have extensive cardiology clinical experience in coronary care units.

The provision of such diagnostics at each remote location/project (without referrals and delays), greatly enhances patient treatment, experience and convenience.  MERT International receives a verbal "overview" of the ECG whilst we are online and within minutes, we are provided with a full written expert clinical analysis and interpretation / report.  It also greatly enhances the quality of medical provision because it enables our top cover and remote medic to make better-informed and immediate diagnoses and patient management decisions.

Bringing ECG expertise to our remote locations and projects.


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