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Medical Services

MERT International is a specialist healthcare company dedicated to delivering comprehensive medical, training and health and safety staffing solutions for the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas.


We specialise in the provision of on-site emergency medical support for complex and high risk projects, including construction, off-shore, vessels, remote locations and specialist events. Our medics provide medical care and rescue services in all locations and are experienced in working in all varieties of climates and location.  They are skilled and experienced in providing emergency care, leading Health and Safety initiatives, overseeing medevacs, drug and alcohol testing, wellness/wellbeing programmes and practicing preventative healthcare.


Our staff provide a level of care on-site and will treat and assess the patient at the scene.  They are trained to assess and manage a wide range of emergency medical conditions without referral to hospital and will refer to hospital if they deem that further treatment is required.  


We work closely with our clients to ensure that their expectations are being met, to plan and assess the medical risk profile of the project to ensure an appropriate level of medical provision for the nature of the work and the numbers of people involved.  As part of our service, we provide our client with a medical plan that can be integrated into the emergency response management plan and any associated risk assessments.



MERT International is proud of it's passion, dedication and character of its employees. We focus on providing a highly experienced team of staff who care about what we do and who are committed to our customers and patients. 

Areas of expertise

Provision of medics

Pre-hospital emergency medicine

Critical care

Tactical combat / emergency casualty care

International Disputes

Emergency planing

Medical training


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