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Medical Case Management

All of our services, from medical treatments to wellbeing, are delivered with professionalism, quality, integrity and confidentiality.  MERT International operates to a strict code of conduct and patient confidentiality, coupled with a stringent undeviating line with reference to protecting the patient/casualty, the process and any other supporting information relating to case management and compliance with UK GDPR and GDPR (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

Medical Administration

We have a robust medical administration system which captures details of all medical treatments provided.  Our medical treatments are classified into three categories appropriate to the level of medical treatment provided and this documentation also captures details about the accident / illness and looks at contributing factors e.g mechanism of injury; other factors such as any environmental or work system challenges. 


Accident Investigation / Lessons Learned

Our Case Management for medical treatments also includes a mini-accident investigation and lessons learned which is completed where appropriate at the time of the treatment.

We have developed this system over a number of years and have found that the information which we capture during treatments and reporting provides the health and safety/construction team with valuable information for accident prevention.  We also have credible feedback from our clients to confirm that our reporting has subsequently reduced TRIR’s and subsequent claims on their projects.


Our medics will raise any verbal concerns at the time if deemed necessary with project management team/responsible persons.


Full and comprehensive anonymous group analysis is conducted by MERT International which can identify trends.  These reports are provided at regular intervals throughout the project to the client.  We provide analysis and reporting for all the  health initiatives that we provide, including Medical Treatments.   

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