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Accident Investigation

Dozens of workplace accidents occur every day. The failure of people, equipment, supplies, or surroundings to behave or react as expected causes the vast majority of these accidents. Accident investigations determine how and why these failures occur with the aim of the information gained through an investigation, being used to prevent a similar, or perhaps more disastrous, accident.


All accidents, incidents and near misses should be investigated as a matter of routine.  MERT International provide an accident investigation service which conducts accident investigations with prevention in mind, establishing the facts, the conditions at the time, and the mechanics of how the accident occurred in an independent and objective manner ensuring compliance with legislative obligations and the putting in place of proper corrective actions.  The findings of any investigations can be used to improve workplace safety standards and make appropriate recommendations to prevent a repeat accident or incident.


Legal Requirements


The statutory requirements for reporting and recording injuries, ill health and dangerous occurrences are set out in the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995.


Our Accident and Investigation service offers:


  • Compliance with legal requirements such as notification

  • Development of a Report with recommendations for corrective action

  • Identification of potential gaps in workplace safety practice

  • Impartial and objective evidence-based outcomes


Advantages of accident investigation include:


  • Reduces lost days due to worker injury/illness

  • Reduces likelihood of all accidents

  • Reduces risk of production shutdowns


The Accident and Investigation Report can include the following:


  • a detailed description of the event leading up to the accident or incident

  • the identified cause or causes and the nature and severity of the accident or incident

  • the immediate action required to prevent a recurrence

  • any breaches of statutory requirements or company regulations

  • training requirements or issues

  • witness statements

  • photographic evidence

  • conclusions and recommendations for action


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