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Clients and Testimonials


Chris Sugars I FLUOR |HSE Director Field Operations – Europe

As offshore medical service providers are available in the Netherlands I did not see the advantage of using an out of country medical service supplier for a local project. My experience in both the Middle East and Europe with such companies has been varied, so when I was informed that we would be using a UK based company utilizing "ex-British military" Medics I assumed that similar services would be offered with the increased mobilization costs over locally provided services. However after approximately 18 months of experience with MERT International I can identify a number of very positive differences which I had not experienced previously. Without going in too much detail the following are for me the main differentiators. Additional health and welfare related services such as the monthly campaigns including alcohol awareness and mental health aspects are professional and backed up with the ability to give one on one counselling and advice to anyone on site. The Medics presenting and demonstrating at lunch time and during our "All Hands Meetings" is very much appreciated. Daily organisation and planning of the on-site medics. This includes the standard presence at the gate morning and nights (Pinseeker) and performance of the Medic Induction which compliments our own induction well. Although I personally would like to combine the inductions to reinforce the One Team aspect when we give them. By the way note that I have seen the tasks performed such as the sanitizing, reporting and equipment checks so I can confirm the Medics do not sit around waiting for a call, they have a strict daily routine to follow. I am accustomed to the daily site drives / walks by the Medics on other projects, but the daily penetration response time tests to access specific locations, including the elevated areas is definitely a best practice. Regarding response time it should also be said that we have had need to call out the Medics on a number of occasions for both incidents and personal injury. I have had Medics arrive at the first floor of the building after only 4 minutes. The off-site Clinical Lead control during a response has also to be seen as best practice. This was again a new experience for me as it is usually believed that having competent operatives is enough. It may be in many situations but the added oversight and experience given to guide the response has proven to be of great value. I am also pleased to say that the help and treatment given to the Injured Party always comes first. Having said that MERT International are also acutely aware of incident classification they demonstrate clear and considered decision making when giving treatment. Finally reporting is of a high standard. Not only with respect to any treatment given but also with respect to the feed-back and analysis of campaigns and surveys. This is accomplished while maintaining stringent respect for the privacy of the individual. All in all I am pleased to say that having MERT International as a partner on site has been a good experience. Chris Sugars I FLUOR |HSE Director Field Operations – Europe

“MERT provide a comprehensive service with a highly professional and structured approach to health, well-being and safety on all of our major construction projects. The primary aim is education and support, but ultimately triaging any incidents onsite has helped us with an independent and qualified view on whether anyone needs to go off-site for further medical assessment. All health and well-being campaigns are planned and executed consistently across all of our projects and targeted to support the activities ongoing within the project. We are able to benchmark our performance with a high degree of reliability based on the detailed monthly reporting pack and dash-board. MERT also provide us with a reliable and quick turnaround drug and alcohol testing service which they administer as part of our site induction process as well as any with cause testing.

Having the MERT team integrated but at "arm’s length" to our site HSE team gives us the best of both worlds. The professional assessment and independent review of medical related matters has built confidence within our site teams, clients and contractors. MERT's involvement has been a core strength in developing the "Actively Caring" strategy of HZI.”

Mr. Tom Murie, Global Director Risk and HSE, Hitachi Zosen Inova

“The MERT International medic at the Millerhill Energy From Waste Project is very proactive and promotes and raises awareness of Occupational Health Issues that can effect construction workers. 

Carrying out Drug and Alcohol tests on new starts and also random testing helps to ensure everyone who comes on site is physically and mentally fit to carryout work in a safe manner.  Knowing that there is a professional on site gives me reassurance that if someone is injured on site they will be there within a few minutes to deal with the Injured Party.”

Mr. Joseph Richardson, Health and Safety Manager, Hitachi Zosen Inova

“All medical events regardless of whether they were minor injuries or more traumatic were always dealt with the utmost professionalism.  Over the course of the Project we experienced four medics covering various shift patterns and all were very competent, courteous and professional.

For the Project Management Team, the greatest benefit was peace of mind that this critical element of a H&S Management Programme was in good hands. That peace of mind came from knowing that "case management" was taken from the hands of the sometimes ill informed and dealt with, providing the best possible outcome for the individual, the contractor and the Project.  Due to the heavy engineering aspect of this particular project it was very reassuring to know that the medics had the field experience necessary to deal with the "worst outcome" scenario.

In addition to the field services supplied, back room support for the medics from MERT is excellent.  That support also extended to our team when advice was required.”

Mr. Michael Davern, Health and Safety Manager, Project Management Group

“The quality of the site Medic was high and combined with their working knowledge of our construction requirements, they proved to be very beneficial for the operatives on the site.  Having a medic gave them comfort that there was immediate emergency response available if required, and also having their door to knock on for advice.  I would have no hesitation in recommending MERT International.”

Mr. Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Senior Construction Manager, Project Management Group

“Just a short email to give your medic some good feedback from my guys on site.  At first they were a bit apprehensive about the medic’s appearance every morning and night at  PINSEEKER but the way that the medic conducts himself and communicates with the guys has made everybody feel at ease, they now realise the importance of this role on site. 


We have also carried out various tool box talks highlighting the positive approach that the medic has to his site duties and this has went down well with all the operatives. 

The medic induction is very good and is full of good advice and definitely gets the message across, and when it comes to the business end of things (which we hope isn’t too often) the medic is first class.  Lastly, the medic’s attitude and respect for the workers lends itself to a happy working environment.”

Mr. Campbell McGregor, Construction Manager, Careys Civil Engineering

“The professionalism and proactive attitude from the medics supplied by MERT to Covanta was second to none.  MERT medics offered a brilliant professional service to the Covanta project. 

During the event of an injury - the site medic managed the injured party and also the case management of that injured party.

I would definitely use the services of MERT International again and have no hesitation in recommending this company.”

Mr. Gary Flynn, HSE Supervisor, Covanta

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