Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Whether you are a journalist, an oil worker or NGO, you will at some point most likely encounter hazardous conditions or hostile threats as you conduct your daily work. To manage this increased risk, specific training is highly recommended to enable staff to act safely as an individual or as a cohesive group and operate their potentially limited safety equipment correctly especially in a heightened state.


Whilst working in a hostile or fragile environment, dangerous situations can arise suddenly and unexpectedly. With little or no immediate support, knowing how to act safely and having the confidence in your training, equipment and team is essential.


Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses are designed to prepare those who will be travelling to or living in hazardous and remote fragile environments. This innovative course combines classroom based theory with relevant practical scenarios, many of which are based on real life experiences.


On completion of the course, delegates will be able to recognise and avoid threats to their safety, enabling them to operate effectively in challenging situations.

These specialised hostile environment awareness training courses provide an excellent grounding for travelling anywhere in the world and as many of these courses are modular they can be tailored to meet your specific role requirements and potentially the country you will be visiting.

Most of the instructors are ex military/police and come with a vast knowledge of austere and hostile environments.  This is put to great use providing excellent and invaluable realistic training.

Many courses involve scenario and role play exercises which build on the knowledge taught during classroom lessons. These provide valuable experience, allow structured feedback to be given to the students and increase the student’s confidence.

By providing this duty of care, it better prepares staff to operate more safely in less stable countries.



2 days


Course Content

  • Global threats and recent incidents

  • Cultural and situational awareness

  • International travel and journey management

  • Residence and hotel security

  • Personal security awareness

  • Personal protective and emergency equipment

  • Working alongside Close Protection Officers & the use of armoured vehicles

  • Use of local guides and drivers

  • Vehicle security and car jacking

  • Checkpoint awareness

  • Conflict management

  • Basic navigation / map reading / GPS

  • Weapon identifications and awareness

  • Improvised explosive devices (IED) & suicide bombers

  • Mine Awareness & minefield extraction drills

  • Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) recognition

  • Kidnap and ransom awareness & survival strategies/conduct after capture

  • Practical scenario training

  • Operating as part of a CP/PSD team/detail


Medical Training:

Basic medical training is a fundamental part of our standard HEAT course and part of this module is dedicated to tactical trauma awareness:

  • Haemorrhage control / catastrophic bleeds

  • Gunshot wounds

  • Blast injuries

  • Burn injuries

  • Crush injuries

  • CPR

  • Introduction to IFAK (individual first aid kit designed for tactical trauma situations)



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