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COVID 19 Test Services

COVID 19 Real Time PCR Test - service which we can provide at our remote medic projects

COVID 19 Solutions for our projects which require a fast, realiable and flexible COVID 19 testing setup.

  1. RT PCR test with strong sensitivity

  2. Available test with answer same day or next day

  3. GDPR controlled set up


MERT International offers a strong solution to avoid COVID 19 infection chains at work. By using this service, your company can stay ahead of the risk of COVID 19 infections and maintain your business performance.

  • Get quicker test results

  • Minimise spread of infection

  • Protect your employees

  • Maintain business performance

  • Flexible service on your project.

The test for detection of COVID-19 is performed on real-time PCR, which identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in the human body. It is the most sensitive and specific way to detect the virus in real-time. Our medic team conducts the COVID-19 analysis using a unique multiplex assay. 

We can also perform the Covid-19 antibody/antigen tests


If you are looking for remote medic services plus the additional Covid 19 Detection Service and/or antigen detection service then please contact us: 


Tel: +44 844 800 0906


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