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Confined Space Training

This course is important for those who enter and work in confined spaces. The delegate will learn to reduce the danger by implementing health and safety procedures. The aim of this course is to help delegates understand the general hazards of working in a confined space environment and includes the use of escape breathing apparatus as a means of self-rescue.


Course structure:

The Confined Space Entry with Escape Breathing Apparatus course covers the following areas:

  • Legislation

  • Confined spaces

  • A safe atmosphere

  • Safety equipment

  • Breathing apparatus saving sets

  • Safe methods of work, including permits to work

  • Hygiene

  • Risk assessment of confined space hazards

  • Compressed air escape breathing apparatus

  • Types of gaseous atmospheres, portable gas monitoring equipment and their use.

  • Safe use of access and egress equipment including fall protection equipment  - use of harness tripod, man-riding winch/fall arrest and safety line

  • Practical use of the above equipment in a realistic training environment

  • Emergency preparedness and procedures



  • Better planning for confined space entry and preparedness in emergencies which should help keep you and others around you safe

  • The avoidance of serious injury and major harm to employees

  • Evidence of assessment and qualifications towards competence of employees


Course duration

1 day



MERT International runs these courses on-site within the workplace.  For more information and prices, please use the quick enquiry form.




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